blockchain-enabled, tradeable consumer loyalty platform that fulfils the needs of more traditional to the edge savvy, yet delivers performance for brands

Leverages familiar web 2.x and mobile delivery, but future-ready with block-chain enabled utilities.

  • Re# Loyalty considers all your customer touchpoints by considering Marketing, Purchasing and Usage components
  • Provides management and insights for brands to easily manage their loyalty programme
  • Leverages familiar channels such as web and mobile interfaces, innovated with Web3 elements such as NFTs, wallets and marketplaces

A. Marketing

1. Marketing Material
2. Website

B. Purchasing

1. Legal Language & Contract
2. Purchase website with FIAT or other payment

C. Using

1. Membership Mobile Application on IOS & Android
2. Utilities NFT and Wallet
3. Owned Marketplace

D. Administration

Waitlist to Whitelist

Generate Invitations to Waitlist

View Drop offs to trigger reminders

Manage Welcome packs

Manage mobile offers and drops

USE CASE Airline Brand

  • Own the member forever even if they sell the NFT
  • Let member enjoy benefits even before airline flies
  • Increase Revenue with offers, flight targets

Aside from development, Re# also supports by providing Programme-as-a-service, so brand partners may choose to not worry about Technology, Member Management and Sales

Marketing, Sales, Upkeep of Programme Globally

Packaging, Planning, Marketing through social and other digital channels, and sales of loyalty NFTs, including continued maintenance, programme management, consulting and social marketing through the year.

  • Programme Management consultation, partnership discussions, strategy, new membership design, etc
  • Tech Support hosting and maintaining Sales Microsite, Purchase Path, Membership Mobile App, Admin Console, Smart Contract NFT, Marketplace
  • Creative Support any expected variation design for new membership types which is estimated at about 6 types per year
  • Social Media Support Content, posting, response, management and reporting for suitable channels
  • Member Support 2nd level to Brand membership team frontline, chat and email support only for tech related issues
  • Sales and marketing marketing partnerships, Search engine optimisation and marketing, Online media spend as needed, Digital Assets production as needed;